Our most popular wreaths at Farmer Sue’s Crafts include those with sola wood flowers. These flowers add color and interest without taking away from the natural beauty of our dried flower wreath collection – sola wood is natural. We love working with sola wood flowers and have been very grateful we found these wonderful decor materials.

Why we love sola wood flowers

  • Sola wood comes from a renewable resource
  • Flowers are handmade
  • Easily dyed and painted to match any theme
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Environmentally Sustainable

Sola wood, sometimes pronounced, ‘shola’, is the harvested stem of the wetland plant, Aeschynomene aspera. The plant grows natural and wild in tropical areas in India, Bangledesh and other areas of the Indian subcontinent. The plant grows fast in marshy areas and is currently considered a renewable resource.

How sola wood flowers are made

The stem is cut into sections and the creamy white and light weight inner wood is sliced into long sheets. This video illustrates how one manufacturer prepares the woody stem and creates a beautiful sola wood flower.

How sola wood flowers feel

Sola wood has a medium soft texture, kind of like that of balsa wood. Because they are natural and handmade no two flowers will be exactly the same and some may have small blemishes and tiny holes.

Low environmental impact

The Silk Stem Collective completed an environmental impact study on the carbon footprint of sola wood flowers vs fresh and artificial flowers for use in wedding bouquets. Sola wood’s carbon footprint proved to be 90% less than that of fresh flower bouquet! See the full article on their website.

Compared to fresh and faux flowers, sola wood flowers are by far the most environmentally conscious choice. They are made from renewable wood and are free of damaging pollutants and chemicals.

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