About Us

Born on the idea that we should grow only what thrives on our property, Farmer Sue’s lavender, sage and rosemary are of the highest quality available. We treat our plants, the earth they grow in and all of the areas of our property with love and respect. It is our view that the generosity of the earth should be equally matched with generosity of our hearts. Kindness to all; Harm to none. 

Update 2019

While we’ve had some events over the past couple of years that have left us unable grow our own herbs, our home decor and handcrafted greeting cards are being created daily with the quality and love that our customers have come to expect. We still incorporate the highest quality herbs and essential oils available into our home decor products when the item calls for it.

Please peruse our site and know that, from our family to yours, we wish you peace and happiness.

Light, Love and Peace

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